Thursday, March 13, 2014

RUCTF Quals 2014 - Guess the flag - Vuln 100 Write-up

In this challenge we were given a binary file and a server listening on a port: binary 
Flag format is "RUCTF_.*".

when we tried to run the binary file on local we get a segmentation fault and when we disassembled the binary it was due to the absence of a file named "hint". We also get something else it was printing the data with the input it get in cause of it is not the flag. When we run it by nc we see that there is a pattern on the hint and to see it clear we give a "space" for the input and we get an image like this:
 Hmmm, it seems like a 7 isn't it? lets give it as input :)
It was really easy, isn't it?


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